Mark Krul

PhD, Partner

Karl Rothweiler

MBA, Partner

Eric van der Putten

BSc, Partner

Ernst Geutjes

PhD, Associate

Angelique Hermeling

Office Manager

BOARD MEMBERS (Aglaia Oncology Fund B.V. and Aglaia Oncology Seed Fund B.V.)

Joost Ruitenberg, DVM, PhD, Chairman of the Board
Prof. Ruitenberg is a professor of International Public Healthcare at the VU Amsterdam University. He has been Director of the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) where after he became General and Scientific Director of the Central Laboratory for Blood Transfusion of the Netherlands Red Cross (since 1998 Sanquin Foundation of Blood Supply). Prof. Ruitenberg is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and board member of multiple organizations.

Michael Nobel, PhD, Board member
Prof. Nobel is Executive Chairman of the Nobel Charity Trust and has received numerous honors and awards for his ongoing contribution to the well-being of mankind. In the 1980’s, Prof. Nobel played an active role in the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as vice president Europe of Fonar Corporation and later as chairman of the Magnetkameran AB. He is a guest professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech). Prof. Nobel has extensive experience in the healthcare sector and is board member of many international companies.

Theo Buunen, PhD, Board member
Dr. Buunen obtained his PhD in 1976 at the University of Delft, did a post doc in Madison Wisconsin and obtained an MBA at the University of Twente (Netherlands) in 1982. Dr. Buunen retired in 2012 from his position as CEO of Sanquin in Amsterdam. In his 12 years as CEO, he reorganised the blood banking business of Sanquin from 22 separate centers into a single national blood bank with increased efficiency and quality of products. He is currently on the board of several Dutch organisations in a non-executive capacity.


Alan Barge, Chief Medical Officer at ASLAN Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Barge was trained in medicine at Oxford and London, and specialised in haematology and oncology. As former VP Oncology and Infection at AstraZeneca, Dr. Barge has great oncology drug development experience. Before joining AstraZeneca, Dr. Barge spent 8 years at Amgen as European Medical Director,

Hans Clevers, President of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and former Director of the Hubrecht Institute, The Dutch Institute for Developmental Biology (KNAW) in Utrecht. Prof. Clevers is Professor Molecular Genetics at the University of Utrecht and co-founder of the biomedical companies Crucell and Semaia. Prof. Clevers is recipient of several prestige’s international awards.

Daan Crommelin, Prof. Crommelin is professor at the department of Pharmaceuticals at Utrecht University. He has been scientific director of the Dutch Top Institute Pharma in Leiden till 2012. Prof. Crommelin is co-founder and chair of scientific advisory board of OctoPlus, a Leiden based company specialized in the development of pharmaceutical product formulations and advanced drug delivery systems.

Gabriele Dallmann, Founder of Biopharma Excellence, EUCRAF and Dr. Dallmann has over 25 years of experience in facilitating drug development and is an expert in the field of Regulatory Affairs. Dr. Dallmann is an ex-regulator who worked at Committees of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Germany’s federal agency for Vaccines and Biomedicines. Dr.Dallmann is biologist by training with a PhD in immunology from Berlin University (Charité).

Stef van Doesburg, Managing Partner Greenfield Capital Partners. Having completed over 30 M&A transactions, Mr. van Doesburg has extensive experience in the private equity sector, at both national and international level. Before joining Greenfield, Mr. van Doesburg worked as senior manager corporate finance at Price Waterhouse in both Amsterdam and London.

Winald Gerritsen, Prof. Gerritsen is medical oncologist at the Radboud Medical Center Nijmegen and is former Director of the Cancer Center Amsterdam/VUMC. He has extensive expertise in translational research with a special interest in tumor-immunology. Prof. Gerritsen achieved his PhD in 1989 at the Medical School of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, where after he worked in different positions at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the University Hospital Utrecht, and The Netherlands Cancer Institute Amsterdam.

David Kerr, Prof. of Cancer Medicine, Univ. of Oxford, and Prof. of Medicine, Weil-Cornell College of Med, New York, former President, European Society of Medical Oncology. David has an international reputation for treatment of and research into colorectal cancer.

Frank McCormick, Prof. Frank McCormick is Emiritus Professor of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He has held positions of Director of Molecular Biology and of Vice President Research at Cetus and Vice President of Research at Chiron.He is founder of Onyx Pharmaceuticals and co-founder of several other companies. Prof. McCormick was President of the AACR from 2012-2013. He received his PhD in 1975 at the University of Cambridge, England and is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Kees Melief, Prof. Melief is CSO of ISA Pharmaceuticals in Leiden, The Netherlands. Before becoming CSO of ISA, Prof. Kees Melief was Head of the Department Immunohematology and Bloodbank of the University Hospital in Leiden and Professor of Internal Medicine. Prof. Melief is a board member and advisor of multiple organizations and companies and is considered one of the world’s most renown tumor immunologists.

Herman Spolders,  chairman and CEO of Pluriomics SA. He has 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in Europe and the U.S. He served on multiple boards and in various executive positions. Throughout his career, Herman Spolders has been instrumental in starting and growing biotech companies, IPO’s, forging large pharma-biotech collaborations, defining new product opportunities with a focus on clinical diagnostics for cancer or infectious diseases. He studied biochemistry at the University of Amsterdam.

Jan van de Winkel, CEO of biotech company Genmab and professor of Immunology at the UMC Utrecht. Prof. Van de Winkel is renowned for his work on the biological role and clinical application of antibodies. Prof. Van de Winkel has over 20 years of experience in the therapeutic antibody field and served as Vice President and Scientific Director of Medarex Europe prior to Genmab. Prof. Van de Winkel holds a professorship in Immunology at Utrecht University and is board member of several biotech companies.

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